Water matters to us in so many ways

Water is a global resource that matters to everyone and everything we do.  More than ever, we need to understand and work together on water issues and challenges, now and in the future.  And its issues need to be addressed with collective concerns, experiences, learnings and efforts.

With this aim, leading Australian and Indian institutions, government agencies and water businesses have come together and formed the Australia India Water Centre.


Our Partners in Australia

Our Partners in India

Australian contact

Distinguished Professor Basant Maheshwari
Director – AIWC

Western Sydney University

Locked Bag 1797, Penrith NWS 2751

Dr Dharma Hagare, 
AIWC Country Co-ordinator Australia


Indian contact

Professor Parmeswar Iyer

Co-Director AIWC 

Director, Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati


Prof. Subashisa Datta,
Country Co-ordinator, India

Prof. Suresh Kartha, Head, Centre for
Sustainable Water Research,