Ataur Rahman

Brief Introduction

Name: Ataur Rahman
Highest qualification and awarding university PhD, Monash University
Designation Professor
Employer Western Sydney University
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Key areas of interest Flood hydrology, statistical hydrology, urban stormwater management, rainwater harvesting, climate change impact assessment, green roof and social hydrology.
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Ataur Rahman is a professor in water and environmental engineering and has over 30 years’ experiences in water industry, teaching and research. He is one of the authors of Australian Rainfall and Runoff. His current research focuses on statistical hydrology, urban hydrology, rainwater harvesting, stormwater management and climate change impact assessment. He has authored 392 refereed publications, which include 119 journal articles. He won the G N Alexander Medal from Engineers Australia and Western Sydney University’s Vice Chancellor’s Excellence Award in Post-Graduate Research Supervision. He is serving in the editorial board of Journal of Hydrologic Engineering (ASCE) and Water (Switzerland). 

Research Project

  1. Regional flood methods in Australia, Project 5-Australian Rainfall and Runoff, funded by Engineers Australia.
  2. Use of purple (vegetated) roof for stormwater management in Western Sydney, funded by Kanuf, Green Roof Diagnostics and Sydney Water.
  3. Research and development of stormwater improvement devices, funded by Ocean Protect.

Key Publications/Reports

  1. Alim, M.A., Rahman, A., Tao, Z., Samali, B., Khan, M.M., Shirin, S. (2020).  Feasibility Analysis of a Small-Scale Rainwater Harvesting System for Drinking Water Production at Werrington, New South Wales, Australia, Journal of Cleaner Production, 270, 122437.
  2. Amos, C., Rahman, A., Gathenya, J.M., Friedler, E., Karim, F., Renzaho, A. (2020). Roof-Harvested Rainwater Use in Household Agriculture: Contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals, Water, 2020, 12, 332.
  3. Rahman, A., Charron, C., Ouarda, T.B.M.J., Chebana, F. (2018).  Development of regional flood frequency analysis techniques using generalized additive models for Australia, Stochastic Environmental Research & Risk Assessment, 32, 123-139.
  4. Haque, M., Rahman, A., Hagare, D., Kibria, G., Karim, F. (2015). Estimation of catchment yield and associated uncertainties due to climate change in a mountainous catchment in Australia, Hydrological Processes, 29, 19, 4339-4349. 

Ishak, E., Rahman, A., Westra, S., Sharma, A. and Kuczera, G. (2013). Evaluating the Non-stationarity of Australian Annual Maximum Floods. Journal of Hydrology, 494, 134-145.