Indian Institute of Information Technology Dharwad

Contact Person for AIWC

Dr Venkappayya R Desai

Brief Introduction

About IIIT (Triple-IT) Dharwad:

IIIT Dharwad is an Institute of National Importance set up in 2015 in Public-Private-Partnership mode between the Ministry of Education, Government of India, Government of Karnataka and industry partner Keonics under an Act of Parliament (23 of 2017). The Institute offers three BTech programs in Computer Science & Engineering, Data Science & Artificial Intelligence and Electronics & Communication Engineering and PhD programs. As a not-for-profit institute of higher learning in the area of Information Technology (IT), the primary objective of IIIT Dharwad is to address the skill gap in high-end information technology and thereby enable India to retain its global leadership role in IT and allied areas. 

Water for Life:

With the theme of “Water for Life” we need to monitor and safeguard the underground water for the future generation. Sustainable use of underground water is challenging. It not taken enough care currently, next younger generation shall be in great problem. Enabling the advance technology can make it possible for monitoring and predicting for necessary measures. The machine learning framework with the Internet of Things (IOT) can model the process to make the system intelligent for automatic gathering of information and predict the necessary action to be taken. As our Institute has a good number of young faculty with required expertise and interest in the areas related to AIWC initiative, we wish to be knowledge partners in this joint venture.