Chris Derry

Brief Introduction

Name: Chris Derry
Highest qualification and awarding university PhD (Public Health Hydrology), Western Sydney University
Designation Senior Lecturer
Employer Western Sydney University
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Key areas of interest Public health hydrology, aquatic epidemiology, aquatic toxicology, safe wastewater and stormwater recycling, engineered green treatment trains (surface and  subsurface flows and detention), biochemical wetland performance in determining nutrient offset trading ratios.
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Chris Derry is senior lecturer in Environmental Epidemiology and Toxicology at Western Sydney University with over 40 years of experience in the area. He has been a major role player in 17 substantial water research projects in Australia, China, Mongolia, India, Bangladesh and Southern Africa, principally as invited consultant to the WHO.  His main area of focus is safe and sustainable water provision, including recycled water remediation and supply, in which he has maintained research links with government and industry. He was principal Environmental Health Advisor to the Development Bank of Southern Africa for six years and has worked with UN’s International Program on Chemical Safety in Geneva. 

Research Project

  1. A Monitoring and Assessment Framework for Decentralised Stormwater Quality-Improvement Systems: Sustainable Sydney 2030 Plan. Funding: City of Sydney/WSU Partnership Grant.
  2. The Pollution Removal Performance of Stormwater Bioretention Units in terms of the Australian Government Funded  Cooks River Place, People, Connections Project. Funding: Cooks River Alliance.
  3. A benchmarking study of the nutrient-removal performance of stormwater wetlands to inform Sydney Water’s nutrient-offset activities in the proposed NSW EPA nutrient trading scheme for the Hawkesbury-Nepean River catchment.

Key Publications/Reports

A Macnamara J, Derry C. Pollution removal performance of laboratory simulations of Sydney’s street stormwater biofilters, Water (Switzerland) 2017, 9 (11), open access.

Attwater R, Derry C. Achieving resilience through water recycling in peri-urban agriculture, Water (Switzerland) 2017, 9 (3) open access.

Derry C, Maheshwari B. Wastewater treatment by a modular, domestic-scale reedbed system for safe horticultural irrigation, Science of the Total Environment, 2015; 537, 243-249.

Derry C, Attwater R. Regrowth of enterococci indicator in an open recycled-water impoundment. Science of the Total Environment 2014; 468-469: 63-67.

Derry C. Considerations in establishing a health risk management system for effluent irrigation in modern agriculture. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 2011; 59: 125-137.