Godwin Ayoko

Brief Introduction

Name:Godwin Ayoko
Highest qualification and awarding universityDPhil, University of Sussex, UK.
EmployerQueensland University of Technology
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Home page link on your employer web site if availablehttps://staff.qut.edu.au/staff/g.ayoko
Key areas of interestWater pollution, stormwater quality, multivariate data analysis, environmental monitoring and remediation
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Godwin Ayoko is a Professor of Chemistry, and Fellow of both the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) and Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). Professor Ayoko has received several research grants and published extensively on a wide range of topics, including monitoring, modelling and application of multivariate data analysis techniques to pollutants in water, stormwater, sediment and air, as well as synthesis and applications of nanomaterials for sensing and removal of water pollutants. He received the 2014 RACI Analytical and Environmental Chemistry Division’s Environment Medal for extended excellence in pure and applied scientific work in Australia that involves substantial Environmental Chemistry. 

Research Project

Australian Research Council Linkage grant 2008-2010: Adaptation of water sensitive urban design (WSUD) to climate change, changing transport patterns and urban form (with Goonetilleke, Yigitcanlar, Thomas & Macintosh).

Key Publications/Reports

  1. Anim AK, Thompson K, Duodu GO, Tscharke B, Birch G, Goonetilleke A, Ayoko GA, Mueller JF (2020) Pharmaceuticals, personal care products, food additive and pesticides in surface waters from three Australian east coast estuaries (Sydney, Yarra and Brisbane), Marine Pollution Bulletin, 153, 111014.
  2. Wijesiri B, Liu A, He B, Yang B, Zhao X, Ayoko G, Goonetilleke A (2019) Behaviour of metals in an urban river and the pollution of estuarine environment, Water Research, 164, 114911.
  3. Sarfo DK, Izake EL, O’Mullane AP, Ayoko GA (2018) Molecular recognition and detection of Pb(II) ions in water by aminobenzo-18-crown-6 immobilised onto a nanostructured SERS substrate, Sensors and Actuators B Chemical, 255, 1945-1952
  4. Bo G. Sarina S, Liu H, Zheng Z, Xiao Q, Gu Y, Ayoko GA, Zhu HY (2016) Efficient removal of cationic and anionic radioactive pollutants from water using hydrotalcite-based getters, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 8, 16503-16510.
  5. Goonetilleke, A., Yigitcanlar, T., Ayoko, G.A., Edodawatta, P. (2014) Sustainable Urban Water Environment: Climate, Pollution and Adaptation, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.