Michelle Ryan

Brief Introduction

Name: Michelle Ryan
Highest qualification and awarding university PhD, University of Western Sydney
Designation Dr
Employer Western Sydney University
Contact details:

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Home page link on your employer web site if available https://www.westernsydney.edu.au/staff_profiles/uws_profiles/doctor_michelle_ryan
Key areas of interest Ecological health of waterways, community engagement with a focus on education to improve overall water health. 
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Michelle Ryan is an academic at Wester Sydney University who is passionate about improving waterway health. Michelle works with a number of community groups to improve awareness and increase education on water issues on a number of local, national and global issues. Michelle is a passionate educator and researcher. Michelle’s current research areas focus on the biological aspect of waterways, currently researching platypus, freshwater turtles and macroinvertebrates in the Sydney basin.

Research Project

  1. The use of citizen scientists to confirm the presence of platypus in the Sydney Basin. Funding: Cattai Hill Environment Network
  2. Drugs in Bugs: A case study of cocaine in a population of macroinvertebrates in an urban river system, Sydney, Australia. Funding: Western Sydney University

Key Publications/Reports

  1. Paciuszkiewic, K., Ryan, M., Wright, I. and Reynolds, J. (2019), ‘Variations in illicit compound discharged from treated wastewater’, Water, vol 11, no 5 .
  2. Wright, I., Khoury, R., Ryan, M., Belmer, N. and Reynolds, J. (2018), ‘Laboratory study of impacts of concrete fragment sizes on wetland water chemistry’, Urban Water Journal, vol 15, no 1 , pp 61 – 67.
  3. Wright, I. and Ryan, M. (2016), ‘Impact of mining and industrial pollution on stream macroinvertebrates : importance of taxonomic resolution, water geochemistry and EPT indices for impact detection’, Hydrobiologia, vol 772, no 1 , pp 103 – 115.
  4. Rowlands, T., Ryan, M., Estreich, A. and Wright, I. (2019), ”Swimmability’ : a key element for communities to safely engage with Australian urban rivers’, International Conference on Water Resource and Environment, Macao, China

Wright, I., Morrison, K., Ryan, M., Cusbert, S. and Reynolds, J. (2019), ‘Elevated sodium concentrations in Australian drinking water supplies’, International Conference on Water Resource and Environment, Macao, China.