Mihir Kumar Purkait

Brief Introduction

Name: Mihir Kumar Purkait
Highest qualification and awarding university PhD, IIT Kharagpur
Designation Professor
Employer Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
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+91 9954248807
Home page link on your employer web site if available http://www.iitg.ac.in/chemeng/faculty_profile.php?name=mkp
Key areas of interest Advanced separation processes: (Adsorption, extraction, ectrocoagulation, various surfactant mediate processes, RO/NF/UF/MF etc.    

Membrane technology: Smart/stimuli responsive membranes (Fabrication and application of Ceramic/polymeric Membranes for environmental, biological and chemical separation).

Water and wastewater treatment

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Dr. Mihir Kumar Purkait is a Professor in the Department of Chemical Engineering at IIT Guwahatiat (IITG). He became Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry (FRSC), UK in 2017 and Fellow of Institute of Engineers (FIE) in 2016. He has received several awards like; Herdillia Award for Excellence in Basic Research in Chemical Engineering from IIChE (2018); young scientist medal award from the Indian National Science Academy (INSA, 2009) and from DST (2009); young engineers award in the field of Chemical Engineering from the Institute of engineers (2009) and BOYSCAST Fellow award (DST, 2009). Prof. Purkait is energetically involved in frontier areas of advanced separation processes. His contribution in this field covers both fundamental and applied research. He has 20 years of experience in research & academics and published more than 210 papers in reputed international journals. He has authored 6 books, granted patents 6 and completed 26 sponsored projects/consultancy from various funding agencies.

Research Project

  1. Centre for Technological Excellence in Water Purification (CTEWP). Sponsored by DST.
  2. Treatment of contaminated drinking water using a hybrid low-cost process. Sponsored by DBT-INNO-INDIGO.
  3. Development of catalysts and a prototype device for conversion of CO2 to fuels/chemicals. Sponsored by DST.

Key Publications/Reports

  1. V. L.  Dhadge, C. R. Medhi and M. K. Purkait, Apparatus and method for removal of fluoride, iron, arsenic and microorganism from contaminated drinking water. Indian Patent No. 286481, Granted on 21/08/2017
  2. Deepti, A. Sinha, P. Biswas, S. Sarkar, U. Bora and M.K. Purkait, Separation of chloride and sulphate ions from nanofiltration rejected wastewater of steel industry, Journal of Water Process Engineering, 33 (2020), 101108,
  3. M K Purkait, P Mondal and C T Chang, (book), Treatment of Industrial Effluents: Case Studies, Publisher: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis, 2019, ISBN: 9781138393417
  4. M K Purkait, M K Sinha and P Mondal and R, Singh (book) Stimuli Responsive Polymeric Membranes, Publisher: Academic Press (Elsevier), 2018 ISBN: 9780128139615.
  5. S Mondal, M K Purkait and S De, (book) Advances in Dye Removal Technologies, Publisher: Springer, (2017) ISBN 978-981-10-6293-3.environment Research, 2011, 5, 177-185.No. 42, pp. 1-20 (DOI: 10.1007/s41062-019-0229-9)2014)”, Water Resour. Res., 53, (8)